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We aim to provide a quality Urology Diagnostic and Outpatient Treatment Service. The cost of Urology Solutions services are competitive with both locum fees, and NHS consultant and SAS costs. Because you deal directly with clinicians, there are no expensive intermediaries. Hidden costs, such as pension contributions, are also avoided. We offer the possibility of using your own facility’s treatment area, so expenses such as investigation suite hire, and institutional overheads charges, which can be substantial, are minimised.

Costs are based on a per-list basis for small contracts such as additional/ad hoc lists, or small waiting list initiatives. For longer term contracts we are happy to enter service level agreements. Fees depend on the length of contract and level of service required.
For emergency out-of-hours cover, there is an hourly fee. It varies for SHO, Registrar to Consultant level. If an operation is needed as a consequence of the cover work, we can do it, according to the seniority of the cover Urologist. We do not procrastinate and hand work over. Handovers are written and signed.
Contact us if you would like further details.

What level of Urology Solutions support, best suits your needs?

The level of service provided depends on specific local urological requirements:

1. Urology Diagnostic and Outpatient Treatment Service: The service can include any or all of the following:
    a.     Initial site visit to establish site requirements, to establish the appropriate level of support required, teaching / liaison, and advise on protocols in specific areas.
    b.     Management / vetting of Urology referrals and diagnostic requests
    c.     Provision of local pathway/protocols in conjunction with your own group
    d.     Regular Urology Diagnostic and Outpatient Treatment Service
    e.     Typed and signed reports within 48 hours.
    f.      Reports: faxed / posted / e-mailed etc depending on local preference
    g.     Pre-printed preliminary report form completed on the day in case of cancer to avoid pathway delays
    h.     Telephone advice on further urological management if required

2. Expert opinion: We can provide expert second opinions for difficult Urology cases.

3. Out-of-hours Urology cover: Short term or regular support for out-of-hours Urology cover can be provided at highly competitive rates.

Urology Solutions can help you to select the right level of cover for your institution.

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