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Key Benefits

  • Abnormal PSA assessment
  • Abnormal DRE assessment
  • Abnormal PSA Velocity assessment

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Prostate biopsy is a diagnostic investigation to detect prostate cancer. We can perform it as an ambulatory office procedure (where resuscitation equipment is available). The patient is fully conscious and receives local anaesthetic.  Full antibiotic coverage is provided before and after the biopsies. The prostate is measured with the trans-rectal probe. Biopsies are taken in a number related to the prostate volume. They can be random (in each lobe) or by zones, according to your local practice needs.

Ultrasound guided prostatic biopsies are indicated in patients with abnormal PSA (prostate specific antigen) and/or DRE (digital rectal examination of the prostate). They may also be indicated in patients with abnormal PSA velocity or free/total PSA ratio, a previous biopsy that was inadequate or showing PIN or atypia, and an abnormal PCA3 urine test.

We can perform/provide all or part of the Prostate biopsy procedure including disposables and re-usables (scanner).

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