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Key Benefits

  • Haematuria assessment.
  • Achieval of cancer diagnosis targets.

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21 to 30% of patients with frank haematuria have a urological malignancy. Cancer is 4 times more frequent in cases of frank haematuria than in patients with microscopic haematuria. Gross (frank) haematuria is a presenting sign in, or the only one, in more than 66% of patients with urological cancers.

Other conditions presenting with haematuria include:
Bladder cancer
Renal cancer
Upper Urinary Tract TCC
Carcinoma in situ
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Urinary Tract Infections
Nephrological disease
Urinary stones

In one clinic appointment we can safely assess the upper urinary tract with imaging, the lower urinary tract with endoscopy and test the urine, to arrive at a diagnosis in the vast majority of patients (> 95%).

We can perform/provide all or part of the One Stop Haematuria Clinic, according to your service needs.

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