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Key Benefits

  • Haematuria assessment.
  • Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections Assessment.
  • Follow up of Bladder Cancer.

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Flexible cystoscopy is a diagnostic investigation of the lower urinary tract. It can also be used for selected treatments of the bladder, prostate and urethra. We can perform it as an ambulatory office procedure in an area where a sterile investigation can be safely done. It is indicated in a variety of situations including:

1.      Haematuria assessment. 21 to 30% of patients with frank haematuria have a urological malignancy. Cancer is 4 times more frequent in cases of frank haematuria than in patients with microscopic haematuria. Gross (frank) haematuria is a presenting sign in, or the only one, in more than 66% of patients with urological cancers.
2.      Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections.
3.      Follow up of Bladder Cancer.
4.      Follow up of Urethral Strictures.
5.      Urinary incontinence (selected cases).
6.      Bladder injections of Botox® for treatment of some types of urinary ncontinence.
7.      Sterile pyuria.
8.      Severe or Complex Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms.
9.      Micturition, perineal, pelvic or lower abdominal pain.

We can perform/provide all or part of the Flexible cystoscopy procedure, according to your service needs.

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